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Beachside mecca for creatives and dreamers.

Welcome to Venice

True to its namesake city, the neighborhood of Venice in Los Angeles, California, is a remarkably unique hub of creative energy and resplendent beauty. Venice houses a mile-long sloping beach of golden sand and swaying palms, six canal waterways, historic Italianate-style architecture in tandem with new inventive designs, an amusement pier, and a hip, eclectic atmosphere. 
Originally intended as a resort town dreamt up by developer Abbot Kinney, Venice was established in 1905 and consolidated into Los Angeles in 1925. After its luxurious beginnings, the neighborhood went through a tough period of economic decline. However, this decline drew in hip, artistic, eclectic residents who took the rugged framework of the city and molded it into something fresh and Bohemian.
As Venice began to blossom, famed architects and designers brought their own aesthetics and stylish flair to the neighborhood. Beach cottages, authentic California Craftsman homes built over 100 years ago, mid-century triplexes decked out in sleek amenities, Spanish Colonial Revival houses, and so many other varieties of design speckle Venice with a wide range of character.

What to Love

  • Neighborhoods bordering the stunning Venice Beach
  • Diverse dining and entertainment scene
  • Gorgeous residential architecture

People & Lifestyle

Home to the hip, the vibrant, and the free-spirited, Venice is the place to be for innovative creativity, art, and loads of sunshine. Able to enjoy a laid-back beach lifestyle while never running out of entertainment options, residents of Venice have the benefit of being in one of the most interesting places in the country. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Just like everything else in Venice, the shopping here is a one-of-a-kind experience. Get a true sense of Venice by visiting Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a mile-long stretch of boutiques, specialty stores, art galleries, bookstores, furniture stores, juiceries, restaurants, spas, and so much more. Looking for the best organic produce and goods for your meal prepping? Stop at Erewhon, a grocery store dedicated to procuring sustainable food and making it accessible to everyone. 
There are more options for dining in Venice than we could possibly name, and the best way to discover them would be to take the time to try them all. However, there are some local favorites that truly stand out, such as Scopa Italian Roots. The restaurant of Bravo’s Top Chef Antonia Lofaso, this neighborhood eatery serves up an homage to traditional Italian cuisine with a flair. Hoping for a casual, fun time with stellar food? Dine at Superba Food + Bread, a trendy hotspot known for its inventive takes on simple fare.
For Southern Californian cuisine with influence from all over the world, check out the iconic The Rose Venice. With indoor and outdoor seating, a beer garden, a coffee bar, a cocktail bar, and a full bakery and market, The Rose Venice is more than just a restaurant—it’s an experience in and of itself. Still not convinced that Venice is the best place for dining? Try Gjelina, a beloved restaurant delivering some of the most inventive dishes imaginable. 

Things to Do

If you’re in Venice, you absolutely have to check out the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Revel with hundreds of street performers such as musicians, mimes, and artists, browse niche crafts and souvenirs, dine in at eclectic restaurants, skateboard, or simply grab a seat and watch the parade of outlandish and interesting people walking along the path. 
While you’re at the boardwalk, head over to the world-famous Muscle Beach and work out with some of the most buff bodybuilders you’ll ever encounter. Here, you can watch some of the pros compete for bodybuilding titles and championships or even take posing courses from the best. 


Venice is home to a number of excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:
  • Broadway Elementary School, K-6, a well-rated public school with Chinese immersion
  • Larchmont Charter School, K-12, well-rated public high school

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