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Scott Price

Every organization needs a visionary, and for Price + Hou, that person is Scott. For him, the pull towards real estate was a natural progression. Born into a large family in Northern California, the importance of honest communication and open collaboration, as well as the power of groups having a clearly expressed goal, was impressed upon him from his earliest days.
Scott moved to Los Angeles to follow his passion for music and study business administration, where he immediately developed a keen interest in the world of real estate. His experience as a studio drummer navigating the music industry while it was in a tremendous state of flux taught him the value of passion and persistence–qualities he would soon put to use after finishing his studies.
In 2005, his second year as an agent, Scott joined forces with Janice Hou to form a new kind of real estate team, one predicated on exceptional service above all else. As the company has succeeded at every level, Scott has continually asked one question: “how can we provide even better service for our clients?” This has allowed the team to capitalize on their successes, transitioning from a young start-up to an industry leader in service, technological savvy, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. When Scott is not helping clients and building the team, he still enjoys playing the drums and writing music. He is also an avid traveler, having visited twenty-three countries, with the goal of eventually reaching one hundred.
Contact Scott when searching for a Santa Monica realtor or a West of Los Angeles real estate. agent.

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